Hiding Littering of the cats can Make House Even Beautiful with Klumpy

When you are keeping the cats or other pets in the house, you need to hide the casual littering of the cats. Being the animal, you cannot expect your pet cat to abide by the training rules, set for the cat, cat can litter at any place of the house. Till the littering is cleared, it is your duty to hide the littering while making the place beautiful. Don’t worry; Klumpy is there to help you.

Just make the necessary arrangement to decorate the place of the cat littering. It is simple; just take a big and hard cardboard and cut it in the style of images of your choice, such as, the cats, the blocks or a circle. Where ever the cat spreads the littering, just keep the cut cardboard around it and sprinkle upon the cut. The Klumpy will hide the littering only and will fall upon the specified place, arranged by the cut cardboard. So, you may make the littered place a beautiful and of the good design unless it is cleaned and washed by you.

To make the designed around the place more beautiful, where the cat has spread the littering and you have sprinkled the Klumpy in the arranged manner, add some bright and sharp colors in the Klumpy and the sprinkle some Klumpy with one color white the remaining place can be sprinkled with the Klumpy of other color. Similarly, you may add some sharp perfume or the other fragrance in the Klumpy to make the decoration a beautiful and the sweet fragranced. When the Klumpy is sprinkled upon the liquid or semi-liquids, it will instantly dry out and solidify the littering and its bad smell will be hidden immediately. Instead, a sweet smell of your choice will start arising from the solidified Klumpy.

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